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The last few months have not been easy for your company and your employees. A gradual return to “normal” is (finally) underway. Your employees have adapted and without them, the company may not have made it this far. A great way to thank them, to strengthen the bonds between them and celebrate the return to the office is to plan a company barbecue.

Five ways a corporate barbecue can strengthen team spirit

  1. Create a sense of belonging (retain your employees)

Employees and colleagues only feel safe, accepted, supported and included when they have a sense of belonging. A company barbecue establishes a shared vision and encourages conversations. When you come together over a meal, it fosters better social connections as people connect with those they work closely with.

  1. Getting to know the team (strengthening social ties)

It is not uncommon for employees of the same company not to know each other because their different departments operate independently. This means that they have very little time to socialize. A barbecue allows team members to get to know each other. People who are committed to each other as colleagues, as well as friends, work better together.

Strong social connections can improve your employees’ mental health and even make them more productive.

  1. Increase employee commitment to the company

A corporate barbecue promotes teamwork and increases trust among members. It encourages employees to share a common vision of productivity and efficiency. Plus, it demonstrates the importance of each team member’s contribution to the company. Positive energy is created within the company by maximizing employee recognition and strengthening team spirit. As a result, such an event increases employee commitment to the growth and success of the company.

Planning a corporate barbecue in a convenient location brings a kind of joy and fun to your team members. Not only does it provide a unique experience, but it also gives employees a sense of belonging by establishing a shared vision.

  1. Share a relaxing moment

One of the greatest benefits of hosting a barbecue is that it gives you the opportunity to relax away from your busy work schedule. Most of these events are usually organized so that everyone can spend some quality time while socializing with their colleagues. It offers a different experience from the daily activities at the workplace.

  1. Offer a unique experience

Most corporate barbecues are planned in advance, in an easily accessible location. It can also be mixed with a unique theme incorporated in the decor and invitations. Your employees will be thrilled because the event setup makes them feel like they are working for the best company or organization. Many would like to attend this event every time it is scheduled as it offers a unique experience and gives employees a sense of belonging.

Book a date for your BBQ

Don’t delay: gather and thank your employees for their hard work over the past few months with a turnkey back-to-work BBQ.

Happening takes care of everything from the ideation to the realization: tent rental, furniture, caterer or food truck, photographer, and more!

We take your safety to heart and guarantee we will apply all public health measures.

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