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Organizing an event requires meticulous planning that can stretch anywhere from a few weeks to months, and dividing up tasks is key to getting things done. Invitations will be high up on your to-do list, as you decide which guests and how many of them you need for a successful event.

Here are some tips to make your event invitations shine:

Set the (Strategic) Date

Don’t choose just any date for your event. It must be the right date. One that doesn’t coincide with other important functions (Fashion Week, a big game night, a major fundraiser, etc.)

Once you’ve determined the perfect date, book it, ideally 2 to 3 months ahead of time. In addition, give yourself a good month to gather all the information you will need to include in your invitations.

Choose the Right Packaging

Will your invitation be modern or traditional? Will it follow protocol or be less formal? Will you personalize each invitation or not? It’s up to you to determine what is most appropriate for your event. For an internal event, email invitations tend to be the most popular, while other events (those including big personalities and VIPs, for instance) are better suited for the good ol’ paper invitation.

If you want to go the extra mile, an alternative look, such as a particular paper shape or fragrance, can make a great impression on your guests. Your choices will hinge on your budget as well as the overall standing of your event.

Whatever invitation format you choose, the RSVPs will follow suit (e-mail reply, response card, etc.)

The Ever-Important Follow-Ups

As involved as picking out invitation cards and envelopes can be, you can’t drop the ball once you’ve clicked “Send” or gone to the post office. Tracking responses and confirming numbers is a crucial step in the process. In order to avoid duplicates or omissions, we recommend assigning this task to a single person. This same individual should also be in charge of personal follow-ups, ideally by telephone, approximately one week before your event.

By staying on top of your guest list, you’ll stay on top of last minute details such as arrangements with the caterer, drink selections, coat check, etc.

The night before the event, be sure to send out one last friendly e-mail reminder to all those who confirmed their presence. This follow-up is very important and can often mean the difference between a well-attended event and one lacking in participants, not to mention the logistical complications that can arise from missing guests.

Finally, rigorous follow-up can save you some major repercussions that affect your overall event. To be absolutely sure, why not just contact the team? We’ll be happy to share our tips and answer your questions. Simply email us:

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