The (De)Partitions Project

Protect your customers and employees while also respecting the planet.


Adapt to public health regulations by using our ecological partitions made in Quebec. You need to reconfigure your business to respect the 2-meters distance between your customers or employees, but optimizing the space you have is a challenge ?
Our custom-made protective panels are designed for restaurants, businesses and entrepreneurs who own public places and who want to comply with the public health guidelines without betraying their ecological values or killing their brand image.
plexiglass partitions sale - summer 2021

Our partitions can be used in :

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Shopping malls
  • Restaurants
  • Haidressing salons
  • Beauty salons
  • Museums
  • Galleries
  • Senior’s residences
  • Public areas

The protective panels are ideal to maximize and secure the use of your space.


The goal is to maintain the aesthetic aspect of your space while offering physical protection against the virus.

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Open Worspaces & Offices

Versatile and modular, these partitions will allow you to create a safe environment which will meet your needs and style taste. Our modular partitions are perfect to redesign your spaces to respect the
new rules of social distancing, while ensuring a stylish environment.. Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? We’ll build it for you.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Our modular partitions are perfect to redesign your spaces to respect the new rules of social distancing, while ensuring a stylish environment.. Can’t quite find what you’re looking for? We’ll build it for you.

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Shops & Senior Homes

Our Modular Partitions offer a secure environment adaptable to the on-going changes and evolution of the current situation.

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Terraces & Urban Gardens

Using a unique North American process allows us to produce plastic panels in a wide variety of colors using post-consumption materials.

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Custom-made modular partitions that can evolve with the situation

Our self-standing partitions are made of durable aluminium base, as well as panels made of wood, acrylic, metal or recycled plastic. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are modular to adapt to your needs and changing conditions.
Mobile, the panels can easily rearranged to create different configurations for restaurants tables, offices or traffic corridors. The protective panels can be easily disinfected with standard cleaning products.


Customization options :
· Choice of dimensions
· Choice of colors
· Transparent, semi-transparent or opaque materials
· Shelves
· Signage
· Integration of branding elements or art reproduction
· Vertical garden
· Planters


Technical Sheet

An Ecological Alternative

Among the options available, we offer a recycled plastic composite manufactured at our Montreal facility. This innovative process allows us to reuse granulated plastic to create a brand new product.
The vast majority of the components used in the making of our panels and protective screens are local, recycled and/or recyclable. Thanks to our rental option, the panels will be reused after the crisis rather than sent to landfill sites.

Keep your power of attraction

You put a lot of energy into creating an image and atmosphere for your company. As we don’t know how long the COVID-19 crisis will last, we created a sustainable and aesthetic solution.
Beyond the accessibility of public places after the end of the lockdown, we want your business or office to remain pleasant and attractive to your customers. As event creators, we do not understimate the impact of your customer’s enjoyment on the success of your business.


Why choose our panels and protective screens ?

As specialists in interior design, we will accompany you step by step in the optimisation of your space and the logistic of moving crowds. By purchasing our protective panels, you are supporting a small Quebec business and providing work to local people.
For your local purchase and your effort to support the Quebec economy, we say thank you !


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How much does a protective panel cost ?

As we offer a wide range of options, prices may vary from one model to another. For a 40’’W x 80’’H panel, the cost starts at 375$.


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What are the minimum and maximum dimension of a panel ?

A standard panel is 40’’W x 72’’H. Thanks to 3D printing, we have developed junction pieces to allow us to assemble several panels together, in a straight line of in a L shape. The protective panels are perfectly adaptable to your space and can be created in any sizes.

What is the weight of a panel ?

Since we offer a wide range of options, the weight of each panel varies according to the materials (wood, plastic, acrylic, planters, etc.) Our most popular model is on wheels to make it easy to move without effort.

What are the delivery delays and territories served ?

We are able to deliver anywhere in Quebec within a reasonable period of time. We are currently not out of stock. Contact one of our consultants to find out the delivery times in your area.

Are the products guaranteed ?

All products are guaranteed for a period of 3 months after the delivery.

Are the panels easy the disinfect ?

Our product is designed to be easily disinfected. It can be washed with soapy water or any standard cleaning products.

How is the installation done ?

Delivery and installation is done in a contactless and safe manner. Our professional installers wear masks and disinfect the surfaces they have touched. If you choose delivery without installation, we provide easy-to-follow instructions.

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