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In the world of event planning, we live by the motto, “Reinvention!” We are part of an industry where attendees’ expectations keep getting higher, and it’s hard to keep up, which begs the question: how to stay on top of the latest trends? We did some digging and offer the following tips to make you the leader to follow.


Do Regular Resarch


Create a file to store all your ideas. Browse Pinterest, look at what others around the world are doing and expand your horizons and solutions.


Don’t limit yourself just to the event field. Explore other avenues—check out the latest culinary trends, new technologies, innovation in interior design, etc. For example, the new Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral, so why not use this bright colour to inspire your next 2019 event? Anything you discover can be adapted to your needs so you stand out from the competition!


Attend Conferences and Workshops


Montreal offers so much in innovation and the experiential. Get out of the office and attend conferences and workshops to learn from experts in a range of fields who will get you thinking about new trends.


Once again, in order to unearth ideas that are off the beaten path, you’ll want to pick events touching on diverse topics. The goal is to join in on brainstorming sessions that will push your ideas to stay on top of demand. A targeted online search will help you find the best meetings suited to your needs.


Start by visiting forums such as Infopresse or Le Grenier that often offer highly pertinent training, or browse the web for innovative conferences like C2 Mtl or ACCRO.


Be a Sponge


There’s only one way to become an influencer: become a sponge and absorb any inspiration that comes your way. Leverage different experiences for that creative second wind! Visit a museum or stroll around a major city. Art and architecture are two excellent ways to uncover innovative ideas that will translate into creative solutions to incorporate into your next events.


There’s no limit to activities where you can find your next inspiration. If you have the opportunity to visit other countries, take any practices you observed during your travels to implement strategies and tactics that are relevant to your needs.


At HAPPENING, a passion for the new has been at the core of what we do for many years, and our commitment to innovative events keeps growing. In a world that’s defined by change and innovation, our eagerness to discover, shape and offer you new ways of organizing your event is stronger thane ever.


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