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To be dazzled—it’s the one thing your guests want. The only way to meet that expectation time and again is to constantly reinvent yourself. So, how about surprising guests with some art at your next event? You’re sure to earn your creative event an avant-garde reputation that will have everyone talking. Here are three tips to help you master the “art” of an event.

Location, location, location

Your venue has a tremendous influence on the atmosphere of your event, so reveal your company’s innovative side with an artistic site. You can opt for a museum, where the ambience lends itself perfectly to the appreciation of art. Otherwise, incorporate some artistic pieces into your decor: paintings, sculptures, living masterpieces, etc. Orient your furniture around these pieces to provide a central location where your participants can appreciate them. Design experts can prove invaluable in helping provide a Picasso-esque finishing touch.

Whet their appetites!

Here’s another secret: the best way to your guests’ hearts is through their stomachs! In today’s world where cooking shows and books are all the rage, your guests are becoming quite the culinary connoisseurs. Surprising their taste buds is a must, and there are plenty of options for making your dishes works of art. For a more avant-garde approach, why not feature some hanging art with your buffet? In addition to offering a unique finishing touch to your food station, your guests can savour a gourmet experience that they won’t soon forget. While the whole 3D experience is very popular at the moment, did you know that there are also food printers to add to the mix? Use your imagination to represent famous paintings and sculptures in your dishes. A cake inspired by Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Rodin’s The Thinker are just a couple of examples.

The art of animation

Art is an easy way to surprise and impress your guests. Start with the photo booth, where participants become the masterpieces! You can present artistic variations that will leave your guests with some cool pics to take home. LED light painting can create some pretty cool lighting effects or how about some pop art that would make Andy Warhol proud?

Another interesting idea is to invite an artist who can create an artistic experience on-site: a sculptor who works with ice, sand or even Lego, with digi, graffiti to showcase a work, or even print personalized graphic tees designed by a local artist. A collective work of art, such as a mural, that invites everyone to participate can also get your participants into the creative spirit.

With these three tips, you’ll find it easier to wow your guests with some art. Nothing beats collaborating with logistics and design experts, like those at HAPPENING.CA, to leverage these artistic trends to stand out at your next event.

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