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May 21st, 2020

You’ve probably noticed that every areas around currently require reconfiguration to make them safe such as public areas, offices, shops and more.

With our experience in designing event spaces and décor and obviously in response to the Covid-19, the Happening team is proud to offer you versatile customizable partitions. They can be transformed and adapted over time, thanks to the modular structure and its durable aluminum base. Using a unique North American process allows us to produce plastic panels in a wide variety of colors using post-consumption materials.

This sustainable and evolutionary product is perfect to redesign your spaces to respect the new rules of social distancing, while ensuring a stylish environment. Whether you run a restaurant, an hotel, a shopping center, an open space office or a barber shop, this solution is for you. Our professional team will install everything for you in a quick and efficient way.

Make your selection from a wide array of options: transparent or wooden panels, partitions made of coloured recycled plastic and consider adding a touch of nature with plant potters or adding utility to necessity by adding shelves. The possibilities are endless and they will last well beyond the virus. 

The Happening team offers you the best options to adapt to the “new normal” while assuring safety and style. In addition to a professional installation service, Happening offers you :

  • A secure environment adaptable to the on-going changes and evolution of the current situation
  • An eco-friendly product made of local and / or recycled materials
  • An entirely local design
  • Modular in its concept to allow transitioning to changing requirements and needs, for use indoors or outside.

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