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It’s time to reconnect with your team, managers and employees through a memorable virtual strategic meeting. Let Happening’s creativity and innovations surprise you and make your kick-off meeting a simple, unforgettable and flawless experience to motivate your teams!

An interactive virtual strategic meeting

The key is to give value to your strategic meetings; a plus to your traditional meeting on Zoom, Meet or Teams. Attention span is short in front of a screen, the event must be short and concise. No more than two hours.

The best way to create and stimulate attention is to make the presentation dynamic and interactive. Make sure you have a clear idea of the entire event, allow adequate time for transitions and, most importantly, allow time for discussion among attendees.

Happening has solutions to capture… and keep!… the attention of your employees!

Clear and specific objectives

With the constant changes of the current pandemic, your annual kick-off meeting can be redesigned into a series of smaller events over the course of several months. Make your company evolve with the new measures and keep your teams motivated. With everyone working remotely it is essential to communicate regularly with your teams.

Make your audience experience emotions so that they remember the important points for the year or the months to come. Above all, remember that the key to success is to create a moment that fosters exchange between peers.

Don’t forget to make the content of your presentations available for replay (Youtube, Vimeo, Private Server, etc.) so that your guests can focus on what is being said and what they see instead of constantly taking notes.

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Multiple options for platform selection

There are many options in the virtual world and it is easy to get lost. The most important thing is to find the right platform to communicate your message in a way that captures attention. A common mistake is to use the same platform for all your meetings. With Happening, you will be guided through the different options and discover the best choice that fits your situation. 

Depending on your needs, you will have the possibility to create virtual discussion rooms that focus on interactivity and to organize virtual Team Building activities to encourage everyone’s participation.


Efficient support

Benefit from consultation and expertise to better select the platform and how to convert your event to fit the virtual world.

Thanks to a complete or partial support service, Happening offers you a solution in harmony with your needs. Technology will no longer hold any secrets and you will be assured of being accompanied by experts from start to finish. No more lost connection, troubles with sound or screen sharing, all parameters will be controlled by a professional.

Doing business with specialists means using the best technologies and creating a professional event.  

Through Happening, you will have access to : 

  • A webcasting studio in Montreal, including all audio-visual equipment as well as a vast selection of furniture and decor;
  • Technical and technological support;
  • A selection of platforms adapted to your needs;
  • A virtual control room;
  • A reliable webcasting bridge via a very high speed internet connection;
  • Pre-recording of video capsules and dynamic editing;
  • Interactive virtual activities corresponding to your objectives.

Click here to learn more about webcasting studio.

Happening assures you a flawless event and peace of mind. Contact us for a quote directly by phone at 514-271-9904 or by email at