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At HAPPENING.CA, we believe that teamwork is at the heart of any success. To help you get to know our team a little better, every month, we showcase a different person behind HAPPENING.CA. This month we have the man under whose eye our events take shape: Patrick!

How long have you been involved in the event industry?

I started with in 2007. At the time, all I had were skills; now I have experience! I started as a freelancer, and, with time, won over the confidence and trust of our then-décor supervisor. Unfortunately, this past fall, he was involved in an accident, and I was thus pushed into the leadership role and became head of the company’s décor department.

What in your opinion are the vital qualities of an on-site team leader?

A team leader must have his/her eye on the big picture, must know how to manage the people around him/her, must be well-organized, creative and innovative in the face of the technical challenges that inevitably arise with event set-ups.

Do you have any interesting event set-up stories to tell us?

Once, on my way to Gatineau for an event, my truck broke down – literally. After waiting all day at a truck stop in Ontario, I arrived on-site chauffeured in a tow truck, with my own truck dragging behind, to “start” setting up. In this business, you have to take the unforeseeable in stride!

Who are you outside of the world of events?

Someone who loves to dance, eat good food, travel, and lose himself in nature television series. I also play hockey and music.

In Brief:

Your next personal challenge: The Santiago Compostela pilgrimage

Early bird or nightowl? In this business, both!

Your sport: Hockey and snowboarding

Coffee or tea: Both, but not addicted to either!

Your dream: To buy myself a nice piece of land in the country.

One word to describe HAPPENING.CA: Dynamic


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