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The days are getting longer and we can smell the maple syrup in the air; yup, it feels like spring! If you have an event coming up, make sure to give it the breath of fresh air that this new season brings. In fact, spring’s frenzy can be the perfect source of inspiration for annual galas and corporate events. Here are some tricks and tips to infuse some spring-like spirit into your event!

Flower, flowers, and more flowers!

We can’t repeat it enough: spring is all about greenery, so when it comes to your event, make it bloom. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options: for a more classic look, you can’t go wrong with tulips and daisies. If you’re more avant-garde, the floral trends for 2018 are natural elements and imperfections. In other words, consider arrangements that are a “mess” of mixed textures. One last suggestion? Minimalism always seems to do its magic for chic evenings.

Festive Colours

Green, turquoise, yellow, blush pink… once again, no shortage of options, but there’s one colour that you can never go wrong with: we present to you white, the ultimate shade of spring. Easy to mix with pastels or more festive palettes such teal or peach, white will always boost your spring theme. Whatever yours is, you can also play with colours to pull off vintage chic or a more retro style. Have fun with all the possibilities for your event!

Original Wall and Ceiling Decor

A spring theme brings to mind a number of ideas for wall and ceiling decor. On the one hand, let’s go back to flowers: floral hangings offer annual galas a fresh style that is all about new beginnings. But be careful not to go over-the-top; simplicity is the golden rule! White sheers do a great job of lighting up a room while covering any walls that aren’t in line with your theme. Again, however, don’t have too many sheers. Instead, keep things light and elegant. Finally, umbrellas can be an excellent complement to your theme. Consider your colour palette and think big.

The Sugar Shack

If you want to take things in an entirely different direction, how about a spring sugaring off? There’s no better way to celebrate this Quebecois tradition than choosing a sugar shack theme. Revamp this classic custom with a modern take on the country cottage and rustic furniture. Rethink animations, music, and menu. The latter, in particular, if well done, can be the surprise that your guests will talk about. Most important of all, do not forget the maple taffy! Whether it’s savoured indoors or outside, taffy on a stick warms everyone’s heart.

In any case, spring offers a mutlitude of possibilities. Whether’s it to give a breath of fresh air to your corporate banquet or to wow the guests at your annual gala, this seasonal theme will help you pull it off. Simplicity, elegance, and authenticity: the three vital ingredients for an unforgettable experience in a setting that takes everyone’s breath away!

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