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Swings are no longer only for parks or for your backyard! It’s now trendy to incorporate them into your decor, whether for a small or major event. We have two structures that can easily be adapted according to the purpose of a meeting, a dinner or even for a lounge area. We’re far from the simple bench attached with a chain to a tree; discover our latest structures that are both modern and adaptable.

Revamp Your Meetings Around the Table

Impress your guests at a business meeting or a festive dinner with one of our swing tables. First, it will stand out in your decor and second, your attendees will have a subject to break the ice. Don’t be bothered by the noise anymore, since the chairs are suspended you won’t hear them scratching on the floor.

A Rest Area Unlike Any Other

During an event, it is important to plan relaxation areas in order to allow people to sit and rest, away from the action. We often choose sofas or chairs, but why not innovate for once and choose swings instead? They are individually and lovingly created to be attractive and comfortable. These hammock chairs are an attraction themselves because you can swing while taking a break.

A Swing For Everything

For nearly a year, has been offering this type of furniture and has been constantly innovating. Regardless of your theme, whether your event is indoor or outdoor, we have a swing for it. Our swings are adapted to your situation and they aren’t only practical, but also beautiful to look at. They have already been tested outside a barn in a rustic setting, but also in a modern and sophisticated venue at Le Parquet, downtown Montreal. Let yourself be tempted by our versatile decorations when preparing your next business meeting or dinner with your guests.