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The much-anticipated 2018 Winter Olympics start next week, where partisanship, hope and performance will be in order. What better idea than to integrate this athletic spirit into your corporate event, and make your gala or annual congress spontaneous and original? The question, of course, is how to make your guests experience Olympic euphoria. We asked the event designers at HAPPENING.CA, and here are their tips:


The Space

With a little innovation, you can surprise your guests with something original! How about a pool, rooftop, park, or even the Olympic Stadium itself? The key is get your guests out of their comfort zone so they can live a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Your experiential environment hinges on the unexpected.


The Activities

The possibilities and ideas are endless! First, consider including some official Olympic sports: a small skating rink to play hockey, a relay course or, assuming you have access to a pool, a friendly synchro contest. (This last idea can make for some great laughs, depending on the artistic talents of your guests.) Secondly, rethink the concept of an Olympian, and entertain your guests with small competitive activities: a sack race, tug-of-war, or a human pyramid. Customize these to reflect your corporate brand or event theme. And finally, don’t forget to hire an emcee to maintain the ambience of your evening and to guide your guests throughout their athletic challenges!



The Colours

The choices are pretty simple: blue, yellow, black, green and red. Don’t be afraid to play with these colours and include them in your theme. Whether it’s through decor, table dressing, identifying the different sports teams, or stage lighting, these five colours will easily brighten up your theme.


The Flavours

Just like the traditional Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games, celebrate diverse cultures and countries at your event. This can easily be done with the right menu. For a banquet, create different buffet sections, each focusing on a particular culture. Put together a cocktail menu inspired by exotic flavours that will transport your guests to another place.


In short, an Olympic theme can be a fabulous element in the planning of your gala, banquet or congress. To make your evening memorable, don’t hesitate to call on the help of professional event organizers. And finally, the last tip from the professionals at HAPPENING.CA: dive into this inspiring experiential theme and create a corporate event that’s authentic and—most of all—fun.

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