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February 19th 2020 – Inspiration

To continue the tradition, here’s the top 3 trends in the event industry for 2020!

Eco-friendly alternatives

Sustainable development is not a brand new trend, but this year, it’s stronger than ever! For your next event, you’ll have to pay attention to all consumables, plastic, food, etc. Moreover, we suggest you consider a vegetarian option on the menu, even a vegan one, if possible. 

For your decor, it’s important to choose reusable, recyclable and local solutions. Here’s an example: when Happening is offering a floral centrepiece, we mostly offer seasonal flowers from Montreal markets. 

For all your events,  we’ll be able to guide you through eco-responsible possibilities!

Multi-sensorial events

Awaken every participants’ senses to make your event memorable! 

Use an essential oil diffuser or floral arrangements to give your event a distinctive scent. This kind of experience is often underexploited, sometimes even forgotten.

You can add different textures to your decor by diversifying materials. You can use as many as you like, per example: carpets, curtains, greenery, etc. Our interactive table can be a very useful option too! (faut-il l’ajouter ou pas? : oui :))

Our audiovisual solutions are the best to impress your attendees. Options are limitless with our neons, customizable walls and screens. Remember, you can always tell a story with good lighting. Video mapping is also very interesting for a complete immersion.

Think of your event as a Hollywood movie: you want it big, even with the sound effects, try a live band or a DJ depending on the theme of the event. 

Last but not least, be original with your menu alternatives. Impress your attendees with different options that suit your event’s theme. Go for as many colours as possible, spice things up with a specific flavour, use unfamiliar ingredients, etc.

Add a scent to your event

Value creation

Creativity and audacity are essential for a successful event in 2020. The theme and the venue are no longer enough to attract participants. They are now looking for a complete experience, that’s why you want to add value to your event.

First, increase your networking and relaxation areas.Your attendees will be able to share informations and take some time for themselves. Having interactions between your guests is one of the best way to add value to an event.

As mentioned above, the focus is on what we see and what is unique to your event. Impress your guests with live cameras, drones, interactive walls and audio-visual solutions. 

Finally, you can go for an immersive experience through virtual reality or a 360-degree tour. 

The new 20’s are full of possibilities and new trends to surprise your guests. The entire HAPPENING team will be happy to incorporate these to your next parties and receptions!