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March 23rd, 2020

The Happening team got your back!

We’re all lockdown, and like you, we’re no exception. We’ve put together a little guide to take advantage of this quarantine and come out stronger. The Earth keeps spinning, and we have to keep going as well. Here some tips to survive this unique situation.

Working from home

Get in the mood! Transform your workspace. Make it (even more) attractive so you won’t feel “at home”. You could decorate your desk with a motivational quote, add plants, and background music (especially without vocals or lyrics to keep you focused) to help keep you focus. Music apps like Spotify has some great playlist such as Chill playlist or you can download apps like Calm or Tide. Pretend you’re hosting an event: every detail counts! It’s your daily life for the next few days or weeks, you must feel comfortable and focused.

Keep in touch with your colleagues via Skype, Facetime or any other platform. Having a visual contact definitely helps when it comes to stay motivated. At Happening, we’re using the Zoom application to stay connected. With its many features such as group chat and video calls, we continue to exchange and brainstorm about future projects in the comfort of our respective homes.

Stay active

Trainers and yogis no longer have access to gyms and studios, and are now posting workouts online for free. Make time in your schedule to be physically active even it’s only a 15 minutes break or a complete hour. Going for a walk is a good idea too! 

Here’s some free classes and app:

Facebook : 

Yoga Studio Wanderlust : live yoga classes with Wanderlust Studio teachers (some are in French but most of them are in English)

Victoria Park MTL : different kind of training (pilates, activation, bodyweight cardio, etc.)


Zombies, run! : why not having fun while running outside? You have to run outside and change direction to avoid all those zombies around.
Runkeeper : track workouts, join challenges, snag workout rewards, participate in virtual races, and share achievements with your friends.

Stay informed

Whether you’re working or not, take this opportunity to: read, learn and discover. 

You can find almost everything online without spending a penny during the crisis. The good thing is, you won’t have to run to the library or the bookstore anymore. The Internet offers you many online courses, free information, podcasts, etc.

Here’s our team suggestions: 

Google Skillshop : grow your skills with Google Ads, get certified with Google Marketing Platform and more.

Podcast : 

Future Trends

In September 2018, our President, Pascal Desharnais, attended a Trend Hunter event in Toronto. They released a new guide on potential disruptive trends and ideas for 2020. Who knows, maybe this reading will be a game changer for your business or your own projects. Besides the economic aspect, we’ll give more and more importance to the environmental aspect.

We invite you to download their guide which contains more than 200 pages of innovative ideas Click here