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With the heat of the last couple of days and for those to come, it’s easy to imagine that we live in an urban jungle.  For the most adventurous, join us in the urban jungle Jangala, this Friday June 15th @ SAT.

Live a Friday night out of the ordinary, Jangala is the party to go to. Organized by one of our partner, Jangala is not only festive but also environmentally responsible; let’s kick off the summer.

This Friday, dance all night to the wild beats of dubstep Djs right before stepping into the real wilderness of Jangala in mid-August. Jangala is more than an event, it’s a movement to a creative way of reinventing the future of our society.

Jangala is a non-profit organization that encourages, in an ambiance of celebration, in values oriented towards people and our beautiful planet. This NPO provides a multidisciplinary platform that reflects the creativity, vision, ideas and talents of its participants.

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