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Product launches must go virtual since we can no longer do trade shows, in-store activations or exhibitions. We all do our meetings and happy hours on Zoom now, but many companies aren’t comfortable managing a large number of guests. It can be a challenge to offer networking rooms with brand representatives, collect statistics or even organize a giveaway.

We’ve compiled our best tips for a successful virtual launch and for getting your new products and services noticed.

Create a Memorable Experience Around your Brand

When planning a virtual product launch, your event must be flawless. Immerse your guests in an environment that will surprise them with a 3D decor matching your company or product colors.

Go for something eye-catching to stand out from the traditional virtual meeting. Create a 360-degree experience  to create true emotion for your audience. Don’t forget to break up the space in order to virtually transport your audience from one place to another. This allows a movement, as if you were there. It’s also a good way to keep your guests and influencers’ attention, even remotely.

Allow Interaction With Influencers and Representatives

Interaction is essential in this type of event; guests must feel challenged and live a personalized experience as if they were present. We provide time for interaction between participants, as well as time for questions. An exchange is necessary between the company’s speaker and the audience.

Invite personalities or influencers who will be able to test the product in advance and talk about it, either via a meeting room or directly as a speaker in your presentation. If necessary, set up a virtual room where participants can communicate with them.

Ways to boost interaction

  • Create rooms where participants can interact with each other or with a member of your team;
  • Set up quizzes and giveaways, so that customers can win prizes, but also give you information about them;
  • Create question management areas throughout the virtual launch.

Managing these different rooms can be time-consuming, which is why Happening offers complete or partial support for your virtual launch, so you can dedicate yourself completely to your guests. 

In addition to taking care of the internet connection, we do all the preliminary testing so that each speaker is comfortable with the technology.

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Offer Exclusivity to your Attendees

Make sure that each guest is excited to talk about your event making them post a mention on their social networks. This can be done by offering exclusive information, discounts, gifts, etc. There are many original options to create post-event buzz. Don’t hesitate to contact us toand talk about your needs with an expert.

Gather Post-event Promotional Content

Post-event surveys provide useful information to improve your event or to use for advertising purposes. Of course, make sure you have consent from attendees before using their testimonials. 

For example, you can set up a challenge to encourage guests to take a picture with the product they received, and ask them to send it to you or post it directly online. This will keep your event alive over time. It’s also a great way to get content for your own social media. Again, don’t forget to ask for the necessary permissions. 

In addition, it is suggested that you make a post-event video available on your social networks or YouTube. Continue to spread the word about your new product beyond the virtual launch date.

Easily Host your Virtual Product Launch 

Whether you are a marketing agency, a sales representative or an independent entrepreneur, contact us for a quote now. It’s never too early, even if your virtual launch will take place in the summer, fall or before the holidays. Events can be 100% virtual or hybrid if government regulations allow.