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Does developing a sense of belonging in a company seem more difficult than ever since the confinement? There are effective ways to strengthen your team, even at a distance. Happening has been working with Teambuilding Montreal (TBMOQ) and other partners to offer you several options adapted to your needs.

A unifying activity in the comfort of home

Move away from the commonplace virtual happy hours and offer your team members true emotions. Through the use of games, speakers or different scenarios, your participants will experience unique moments that will bring them closer together.

Performing virtual challenges, solving mysterious riddles or creating a corporate anthem with your team has never been as much fun. The unique scenarios will encourage each member of your team to interact and participate in the activity.

Outstanding participation

These activities have been designed to promote communication and increase interaction within the team. The participation of each and every one is a must, otherwise the activity is doomed to failure. The leaders of the game will recognise the less active participants and encourage them to contribute, which will ensure that no one is left behind and the group chemistry is rebuilt or strengthened.

Every company and every team has its strengths and weaknesses. That’s why in some cases a “divide and conquer” approach will be used, and in others “strength in numbers” will be the way to go. Existing lags and advantages will surface and guide us on the right path for future teambuilding exercises.

Hybrid options adapted to the measures in place

Happening has also created a hybrid version that allows team members who wish to be present to be on site, while those who prefer to stay at home will join the activity from a distance. 

In order to respect the sanitary measures in place, we have developed outdoor activities, organized in 4 easy steps:

Enjoy our “Together” event

Get ahead of the game and start planning an event for when Montreal returns into the yellow and green zones. Bring your team together in person or in a hybrid version for a corporate event.

These activities are divided into three parts: the introduction (with the possibility of a conference or training), the team building activity, and ends with a boxed meal.

For more information:

The return of memorable activities

Are you interested in one of these options and would like to discuss? Contact us and together we will customize it to your needs. Make 2021 a memorable return for your work teams!

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