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Let’s face it: planning a wedding is probably one of the biggest challenges a couple will ever face (or one of the biggest stresses for the person who will be organizing the event!) Fortunately, if you have your bases covered, pulling off the wedding of your dreams doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

First off, your special day involves many key players, including decorators, technical team, caterer, florist, and DJ, all of whom will be congregating at your ceremony and reception venue(s). You want things to go smoothly, to say the least. Detailed contracts with your venue(s) is key, and should include the following elements:

1. The time allotted at the venue, including for set-up and tear-down. Needless to say, access the night before can help significantly in keeping stress levels below the breaking point!
2. A detailed description of the space offered, including any decor, equipment, and furniture that is already in place (if applicable).
3. Any available amenities, either free or charged at a group rate, such as general and valet parking, hotel rooms, etc.
4. Proof of insurance and alcohol permit, or the papers required to obtain one.
5. Choices of proposed menus (cocktail, banquet, and bar consumptions).
6. A complete list of (and total of) any fees that aren’t always included in the first paragraphs of a contract, such as cleaning, cancellation policies, security, royalties, etc.


Once the legal stuff is out of the way, it’s time for the fun part: thinking of the ambiance and mood you want to create for the big day. The following is a list of some of the main decor elements you’ll want to consider when putting together your special look:

– Tables (both in terms of shape and set-up);
– Chairs, either venue-supplied ones that are covered or specially rented, contemporary chairs;
– Tablecloths, napkins, dishware, and cutlery;
– Window dressing, decor, and lighting: there’s no contest between a room draped in white with varying lighting to accentuate key moments in the evening and a bare, blah space.
– A lounge area that reflects your theme, whether it’s rustic, contemporary, refined or colourful.
– A DJ and/or Master of Ceremonies, and/or animations that suit your theme. The quality of the entertainment will heavily shape your memories of the special day, so choose carefully!

In short, when it comes to wedding planning, everything is possible. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure, ask for advice. Some insight from a professional is sure to give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your big day with no (well, okay, less) stress. ;-)

Long live the newlyweds!

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