Happening’s event workshop is where your wildest and most ambitious dreams come true!

Choosing Happening means opting for a professional, attentive and efficient team whose sole objective is to help you create larger-than-life events. Aligned with your business’s parameters, each creation out of the workshop is a unique work, a tool to help you stand out, and a source of inspiration. We use our innovations and creativity to create emotions.

Plastic Press

Since 2020, Happening has been equipped with a recycled plastic press to create eco-friendly and original partitions. By using plastic pellets post-consumerism to create new furniture, Happening continues its mission of sustainability.

We will soon introduce our recycled plastic collection for your remote working space, patio and hybrid events.

Customized Creations

Whether you want a country atmosphere, a modern room, or a romantic or futuristic look, our artists will always surprise you. Customized furniture, decor, and cutting-edge technology will all be incorporated into a unique and memorable event for you and your guests. Our catalogue consists of more than 1,000 items of furniture and accessories that we can personalize however you like. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll custom make it for you!

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Visit our showroom and see firsthand our premium quality decor and furniture. Easily accessible, our offices are open to the public, and our team would be delighted to show you around the warehouse. While you can see everything we offer in our complete online catalogue, nothing beats looking at our accessories with your own eyes, touching materials, and trying out our sofas and chairs. Envision your own project instantly!
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