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When it comes to your gala, banquet or congress, never underestimate the importance of an on-site, logistically prepared management team. Primarily consisting of a director and technicians, this collective is top-notch at event coordination and is basically ready to handle anything. It’s a team dedicated entirely to your event. If you’re a little confused about what exactly a management team does, here’s an overview of its responsibilities and implication in your project.


The Director


The director is your #1 ally during your evening, from beginning to end. He/she takes care of all your suppliers, activities and guests. In other words, the director is responsible for the management of your event and for it running smoothly: he/she coordinates the catering, minds the artists, from arrival right up to their performance, collaborates with the emcee throughout the evening, and finally, he/she overlooks the games and activities that you had planned in your schedule. Responsible for bridging the gaps between your different suppliers, he/she ensures that your event goes off without a hitch, and, above all, according to your expectations.


In order to execute his mandate effectively, the director will consult upstream with your event designer as well as your project manager, who will brief him/her not only on your organization and the evening’s theme and objective, but also on the suppliers, artists, planned schedule, selected room or hotel, technical requirements and the technicians on-site, as well as any issues that might arise. This information download is crucial to the success of your event.


Finally, your director boasts several skills, including technical and artistic direction, security regulations and personnel management, so don’t be afraid to share with him/her your doubts or concerns that come up during your event. Your director will be the one making decisions on the fly to ensure the enjoyment of your guests and to keep your stress level at a minimum.



The Technicians


Technicians fall into several specialties: sound, lighting, a/v, master electrician and technical director. Most times, a technician will boast several specialties. It’s vital to have a technical team on hand during your event or evening, for several reasons.


Technicians are ready to act in the face of any unforeseen issue that may arise. This can include a faulty microphone or a quick change in lighting, thanks to your emcee’s sudden urge to go off-script. Moreover, the technical team has the know-how to handle the electrical set-up in your room, to forecast and avoid potential problems and to ensure the best possible sound, lighting and a/v, based on your expectations.


At HAPPENING.CA, our technical services go hand in hand with event design and logistics, since all these solutions are under the same roof. This means that the technicians on-site at your gala, banquet or congress are aware of, from the very start, your goals and the scope of your event. They accompany your event designer to site visits during the planning phase and make technical recommendations. They’re initially debriefed, along with the manager, on the technical requirements for the artists and suppliers. In short, they play an integral role not only in the organization of your evening, but of a technically successful one, spared of any needless stress.



To pull off your event successfully, there is no question as to the importance of an on-site logistical team. Shift the burden weighing down on your shoulders to someone else and enjoy your evening. After all, with an experienced manager and a prepared technical team, what can go wrong?

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