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Happening is composed of a team of event experts. For nearly 20 years, our event agency has contributed to the success of Quebec and international companies through the realization of unique events for their employees and customers.

Pascal Desharnais

President — CEO

With over 20 years in the field, Pascal’s specialty is the modern and trendy. Working with entertainment and multimedia, he adds that magical factor to every event.

Contact Pascal : 514 271-9904

Laure Gazalé

Director, Strategies Partnership-Innovation

Félicien Salomon

Operations Manager

Ludivine Couderc

Account Manager

Marijo Gamelin

Assignee / Customer service & freelancers

Sara Bilodeau

Account Manager

Marie Douville

Artistic director / Sets & accessories designer

David Boyer

Technical direction

Julien Boyer

Technical coordinator

Joëlle Pinard

Workshop manager, project and furniture manager

Alexandre Magne

Foreman / Carpentry

Anne-Florence Delbarre

Assignment Coordinator

Danny Sirois

Audio-visual technician

François Jutras

Technical direction

Émilie Pellier

Project manager

Justine Petit

Project manager

Sonia Belgaid

Team leader

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