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Event conception and design, Artistic, technical and logistics management.

Happening is your one-stop shop for all your events. Our team of attentive professionals adapts to each client in order to completely fulfill their needs while being aligned with their business objectives. Each project dreamed up in our workshop becomes an original work and a tool for our clients to stand out.

Our services

Timeline implementation and tracking
Budget management and adherence
Event script writing
Space design
Artistic management

Supplier and artist sourcing and supervision
Technical and audiovisual design and management
Room set-up and tear-down
Stage direction
On-site logistics management

Digital and A/V Technologies

Sound and lighting equipment, stage installations, projection equipment and LED screens, photo/video booth and activations, digital decorations – all these immersive technologies add an experiential dimension to your event. Our experts will propose tailored audiovisual solutions that bring real added value.

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Conception + Design

Do you have a rough idea of what you want your guests to experience or do you want to be surprised by something new? Happening has been the go-to source on ambience and set-up for over 15 years. Our team can propose the perfect mix of theme, decor, A/V, animation, catering, and more. Your guests are sure to experience an unforgettable moment!

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Furniture Rental

Our catalogue includes more than 1,000 products and accessories, all in excellent condition: sofas and chairs, tables and bars, table centerpieces, drapery, suspensions, and much more. Our vast selection of furniture across multiple styles can fit any type of event and offers you a customized look—again and again. Over the years, our artists have also built exclusive furniture pieces and accessories that you won’t find anywhere else! You can count on our team to guide you in your choices, and we invite you to visit our showroom so that you can see firsthand the quality of our inventory.

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Logistics Support

Whether we’re part of the brainstorming phase of your project or not, our team remains your logistics partner of choice, and will support and guide you at each step of the project. Our project managers will offer the necessary support so that your event goes off without a hitch, and they will take care of all logistical details, including managing suppliers—before, during and after your event—for a seamless coordination.

How can we offer you such extraordinary service?

With more than 15 years of experience under our belts, today, the Happening team boasts:

Expertise built on more than 1,000 distinct projects
In-depth knowledge of Quebec-area event venues
A keen sense of logistics
Thorough management and supervision
An ability to adapt to any mandate parameters
A strong grasp of clients’ concerns


See for yourself our expertise at work for the following types of events.


When organizing an annual gala evening, custom preparation is a must. Our artists would be delighted to help you, step-by-step, create an event that showcases the best of you and that provides your guests with memories they’ll never forget. Equipped with years of hands-on experience, the Happening team knows how to pull together all the key elements of a successful gala.


Happening can help at every planning phase to ensure that your event preserves the environment while providing social and economic benefits.


Partners and sponsors have become a pillar of many events, and their expectations are high—with good reason. That’s why we’ve developed an expertise in handling your sponsorship plans and can help you design and produce visibility elements for your partners.


When creating a space that facilitates professional networking, you cannot be picky enough in choosing your room, decor, furniture and ambience—each element counts. Our team not only knows all the best industry practices and latest trends, but also boasts a keen creative eye to help you build an inspiring space.


Whatever your reason for celebrating—a Christmas party, your annual corn roast or a company anniversary—our team has what it takes to make your event a must-attend party. Create unforgettable memories that your guests won’t stop talking about.


Professional presentations rely on location and set-up to run smoothly. Every element needs to have the content in mind. Our team will accompany you in space selection and room set-up that optimize information-sharing and audience interaction.

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