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The 2018 Grand Prix is hitting the track on Île Notre-Dame this month, and the sounds of Formula 1 speed and excitement will echo throughout the city! Let yourself be inspired by the top-quality of this renowned international event for your next gala, congress or banquet!


Personalized Branding

The Grand Prix is the perfect world stage for brands to step out and make their mark. While this does not necessarily apply to corporate events such as award banquets or annual association congresses, there is still something to be learned from this prominent feature of the Grand Prix: personalized branding.


A highly powerful promotional tool that also inspires brand loyalty, personalization can come in different forms:  video mapping, logo printing on high-visibility surfaces such as bar facades and cocktail table tops, planned activities, decor, etc. the important thing is to bring your brand to life through the experience, decor and event design that you provide your guests.


The VIP Vibe

What would the Grand Prix be without those ultra-private events, VIP lounge areas that are the envy of all, and the most original gifts? The good news is that incorporating this feature into your corporate event isn’t as hard as you think.


Let your guests be VIPs for a day by spoiling them with a luxurious event. Why not help them get ready with a shoe shine or some hair and makeup time? An excellent emcee, a chic lounge area and gift bags for the guests are other simple ideas for a Grand Prix-inspired VIP event.


Technologies and Virtuality

One of the top things that come to mind when you think of the Grand Prix is the F1 racing simulator. Who hasn’t dreamed of being behind the wheel of one of those incredible cars on Circuit Gille-Villeneuve? Your guests can live the experience and see how they stack up against the competition in a high-speed race.


Moreover, if your event is happening during the Grand Prix, organize a live, big screen broadcast. Is the race already over? Showing the highlights will be enough to get your guests into the theme’s spirit.


The Grand Prix offers you the perfect source of inspiration for the planning of your corporate event, with features that are both original and easy to incorporate. This high-adrenaline theme will keep your guests mesmerized until the very end!

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