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Last spring, Happening started producing design, modular, environmentally-friendly partitions. The goal was to help companies maintain the aesthetics of their environments while ensuring protection and safety. 

Today, the team is proud to expend its expertise and to offer such installations to businesses, offices, hotels and restaurants. Whether you are looking to increase occupancy and flow, to make spaces more accessible and/or visually appealing, or to integrate a green and locally-produced element, we have developed a wide range of personalized solutions.

Discover how the project was born:

Protective panels made with ecological design materials

As a designer of distinctive collective spaces and experiences, Happening’s mission is to optimize space without compromising style or the environment. 

In an eco-responsible mindset, we partnered with local businesses to reuse and recycle materials. When this was not an option, we made sure to find local providers in order to reduce our ecological footprint.


Equipped with our latest acquisition, the plastic press, we are now transforming recycled plastic chips and granules into panels of varying colors and patterns, dimensions and thicknesses.

It is also with the help of Quebec-based groups and companies such as Exxel Polymer and Precious Plastic Montreal that we recuperate plastic in order to transform it into colored panels for your partitions and other office products such as the ones that will be found in our new collection “Quartier Éphémère” coming soon (a little scoop for you right here!)


Some of the protective panels are made of Canadian wood, others were created from the ash trees cut down in Montreal. This is possible through a partnership with Bois Public, Public Wood, another collaboration that is close to the team’s heart. The devil is in the details: the glue used for the wood is ecological and natural, being made from soy. 

With quality products made from local, recycled and/or reused materials, we transform your common areas into welcoming and safe spaces for all.

A solution for all

You are certainly looking forward to seeing your employees, clients and suppliers again. Welcome them back in conformity of all health standards, with solutions which are meant to evolve with every change in regulations. We adapt to your business, no matter your industry, whether it is real estate, restaurants, hotels, in tourism or any other. 

With an expert design to optimize common areas, we design your spaces to make them not only safe, but also consistent with your brand image. From conception to delivery, for your terrace, restaurant, store, offices… EVERYTHING can be transformed into a unique and profitable environment.

Our partitions are very versatile and can be used in various locations. In addition to choosing the size and color, you have the option of adding shelves, extensions, planters, hooks, baskets, etc.

We also have the possibility of revamping the areas created at the beginning of the pandemic and perhaps are no longer adapted to your current needs. 

Contact us for a quote by phone at 514-271-9904 or by email at

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