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In no time we’ll have small monsters and ghosts knocking on our doors for treats. The scary fun of this October occasion is inspiring. Yet how does one integrate Halloween into their event without being tacky or cliché? Have no fear! Here are some ideas and tips to help you along.  


Hold a Spooky Soirée

When choosing your venue, go with something a little more “haunted”: an old mansion, hotel or even an asylum. The aura of mystery throughout the space will naturally transcend into your evening. Give your guests a chance to do some ghostbusting through a guided visit, and, while you’re at it, why not hide some actors to add that adrenaline spike? If you already reserved your venue, include a spot dedicated to a haunted house to give your participants goosebumps.


You should also plan for a space with poufs and couches for your guests to take in some classic horror films. Don’t forget the popcorn!


Zombify the Event

While they have been overdone in the last year, zombies are still in! To zombify your event without falling into the been-there-done-that, we suggest a more immersive experience. An epidemic of the living dead attacks your event and your participants need to find the hidden remedy. Hire actors to play the zombies and your guests can be the humans who need to survive.


For a less dramatic option, you can simply have your personnel play zombie dress-up, and give the dishes on your menu lesser-appetizing names, like brain stew or finger cookies.  


Come One, Come All to the Masquerade Ball!

For a less ominous and more romantic vibe, organize a masquerade ball where your guests can dress up in their finest gear and experience glamorous anonymity. From there, pick a theme for the evening. You can opt for the 18th century classic, or something more modern, like superheroes. This kind of concept can adapt itself to everything and can play out in any space. The key thing is to fully own it. Who knows, among your guests might be the next Romeo and Juliet.


Finally, whatever angle you decide to give your event, don’t forget to supply lots of candies to satisfy those sweet tooths!


Let your participants dive into the mystery of Halloween and use some of the ideas in this post to personalize your evening to reflect your needs.

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