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Nothing concludes the year quite like the company Christmas party, and each company has its own way of preparing for this popular and festive event. Some throw something together at the last minute, while others start prepping months in advance. No matter what the style, the Christmas party is an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and recognize employees, and thus requires significant time and effort in planning it.

To make sure that this year’s party is your company’s best yet, here are some tips and advice to help you make the most of this special event.

Whether your dream location is a restaurant, a hotel, a church hall or basement, or even your own office, try to pick a venue that reflects your company’s values and image. Make sure you have specially-assigned spaces for dining, dancing, prizes, the bar, etc. After all, you want your guests to want to spend their evening with you! Impress them, and make sure your location gives you access to everything you need.

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Selecting the right caterer for your office party is without a doubt a critical step in the overall success of your event. Make sure your caterer provides enough of a selection to accommodate all your employees. Why not favour one that offers a traditional meal service? Also, be sure to gather some information on the quality of service and meals before making your final choice.

Your employees are almost certain to drink and be merry, so be sure you have enough of everything: enough staff at the bar, and enough booze to go around! Offer a variety of drinks, including hard liquor, wines, cocktails, juices and soft drinks.

Your company Christmas party is the annual event your employees will delight in reliving. Take the time to make sure that all the details are taken care of. Brainstorm unique concepts, offer gifts, hire an emcee, etc. The ideas are endless.

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